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Top 5 Essential Brompton Upgrades


We love Brompton folding bikes, because they are easy to fold, which will not occupy too much space at home. Every bike is a beautiful creation by Brompton, it is unique and fashionable. These are 5 essential upgrades we recommend you to get, in order to enhance your riding experiences.


1. Easy Wheels

Easy wheels help you move your Brompton around while folded. For those only needing to move the bike through short distances, they will offer extra stability. As for longer distance through more bumpy terrains, we recommend you to choose oversized easy wheels.

2. Easy Wheel Extender

We personally installed this on our Bromptons so you can see how much we love this item. This crafty design allows you to pull out a rod within the easy wheel extender, and help stabilize the bike when folded, providing much more stability if you just want to let your bike stand straight, or haul your bike.

3. Front Carrier Block

Front carrier block allows you to attach a bag to the front of your bike, which increases your storage space while you’re on the bike, you can effortlessly put in water bottles, wallets, towels, backpacks.. anything you would need during your ride.

4. Easy Shell Clamps

These are shell like clamps that attach to the joints of your Brompton bike. The easy shell clamp helps when you loosen or tighten your bike which, in terms, helps you fold and unfold your bike. Most of the easy shell clamps we carry are magnetic, these clamps have built-in magnets, keeping the clamp in the perfect position every time you use it, so you can fold your Brompton like a breath of wind. Please note: carbon fiber shell clamps are not magnetic.

5. Suspension

Suspension located between the main and rear frames. It helps to absorb bumps in the road. Replacing suspension would give you a more stable ride experience. It helps to conserve energy, and lets you have a more pleasant riding experience.

Brompton Rear Shock Absorber for Brompton, Folding Bike Suspension Accessories
Brompton Rear Shock Absorber for Brompton, Folding Bike Suspension Accessories