THM Clavicula Road Compact Carbon Crank


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Available in length 170mm for Brompton cranks.

The Clavicula Compact is the compact version of THM’s super l race crankset, enabling you to use smaller chainrings. Technically identical with the standard Clavicula Road, it maintains the same record-breaking stiffness-to-we ratio. 

New production methods, never before used for cranks, achieve a giant leap in total stiffness. The crank’s stiffness-to-we ratio is setting new standards. In-house lab testing of various h -end cranks shows the superior performance of our crank system. 

The cranks are des for road bike applications with a 110mm bolt circle diameter and for 68mm bottom bracket width. 170mm, 172.5mm and 175mm crank arms available. Very large, sealed bearings allow the use of a 30mm axle. This ensures h stiffness paired with low we . THM has developed bottom brackets for all common BB-standards, so the Clavicula crankset can be adapted to virtually any frameset available. 

Extensive testing of this ground-breaking invention was THM’s top priority. THM is currently undertaking various long term and stress tests, because as a pure-bred racing component the Clavicula must be able to continually withstand h loads – be it in hard sprints or during the toughest classics. 

Both static and dynamic tests have been completed successfully. However, to avoid even the sl risk THM is currently setting a permissible total we limit of 105 kg (231 lbs.). Your safety is THM’s main priority! 

Note: Chainrings and bottom bracket cups are not included in delivery!