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Nokon Slimline cable set 輕量化公路車變速管線

Nokon Slimline cable set 輕量化公路車變速管線


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Nokon Slimline cable set

There’s not getting away from it, Nokon slimline cables are expensive in relation to top-flight weather sealed Bowden type cables, they’re even more expensive than standard width Nokons,and installation is very time consuming too. On the flip side, performance is superb and the design’s malleable characteristics come into their own on bikes with torturous cable runs and or/unusual cockpit configurations (e.g. long but relatively high stem and narrow bars) plus they are claimed to last much longer than standard cables which goes some way to jutifying the price. However, rubberised cable cuffs or good quality electrical tape are essential to prevent the aluminium housing chafing pretty frame finishes.

Black, orange, blue, red, silver, green color


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